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The most innovative approach to supply order management in the UAE!

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First things first

Ordering Solution


Find all your products from different mix of suppliers.


Compare prices, quality and reviews from different suppliers.


Create your own Buyer Guide for your entire staff.


Single checkout with your preferred payment method.


Introducing the First and Only Rush Orders Shop for the F&B Industry!

  • No need to wait for your order till tomorrow!
  • No need to send your staff to buy any urgent items!
  • No need to use the cash register money to go buy your items!
  • Checkout with ease

    Payment Solution

    Credit Agreement

    Credit agreement directly with the suppliers.

    Wire Transfer

    A direct transfer from your bank account to ours.

    Cash on Delivery

    And we also accept cards and check on delivery.

    Focus where matters

    Run your restaurant on the ground and let us do the rest.

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    Get It Delivered

    Delivery Solution


    Regular Delivery

    Receive your order based on your supplier lead time.

    Consolidated Delivery

    Receive orders from all suppliers in a single delivery.


    Receive your order the same day, when you need it the most.

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